Duet 3 with Toolboard Magnetic filament monitor not working

  • I just upgraded from a Duet wifi and rrf 2.5, first to rrf3.2 then I upgraded the Duet wifi to a Duet 3 and Toolboard. Everything is working except for the magnetic filament monitor. As long as I have the config line in config.g I get errors of "Extruder 0 reported 'noDataReceived' when I try to print, whether enabled or not in config.g. As soon as I start printing I get the error, maybe after 5-10 inches of filament. The Duet 3 is connected in standalone mode.

    The lights on the magnetic filament sensor act normal, I get the 3 green at startup then it alternates red/green. Not sure during printing since it errors so quickly.

    My config line is: (toolboard is 20)
    M591 D0 P3 C"20.io1.in" S1 R30:180 E3.0 A0 L24.72

    I double checked the wiring and it is correct as in the attached pictures.
    20210111_113726.jpg 20210111_113752.jpg

    I'm not sure where to go from here..thanks for any help.

  • Connector.png

    Is it possible that the black wire is not fully inserted into this connector?

    Since the lights work, you know you've got power and ground connected.

    (I know nothing about toolboards, so maybe there's more setup involved.)

    Also, just a tip from someone who has done this before, It would be better to use more standard wire colors.

    You've got:
    Red = Ground
    Black = Signal
    Yellow = 3.3 Volts.

    It's better to use:
    Black = Ground
    Red = Power
    Yellow (or whatever you have) = Signal

  • @alankilian Thanks for the feedback, yes the black wire is well seated. That pigtail actually came with the toolboard (toolboard end wired). I had to add the connector on the filament sensor end and I have checked the wiring. Oh and I agree on the colors but that is what it came with so I used that.

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    Can you confirm that 3.2 is installed on both the Duet3 and the toolboard?

    Can you provide the results of M122 and M122 B1


  • @alankilian Well you got me thinking about the cable again so I removed it to test it better and there was a bad connection (on the end I did) that I missed. Doing a print now but I think I'm good. Thanks for making me double check!

  • That's great news!

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