Endstop with duet3

  • I am using duet3 in CNC mode. I have wired an optical endstop on the X-axis. The status on the DWC accurately shows if the endstop is triggered or not. All I want to happen is for the X motor to stop moving (and maybe backup away from the endstop) when the endstop is triggered not while homing, but during regular operation. Can this be done? If yes, how should I go about it?
    Right now, when the endstop is triggered, the motor still moves. Thank you!

  • Yes, yuo can do this.
    You need to look at M581 to set an input as a trigger.
    I would suggest adding the changes to your start.g so the endstop is only changed to a trigger when a job is started.
    Then add the gcode to change the endstops back as part of the cancel.g and stop.g

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    @jay_s_uk said in Endstop with duet3:


    Make sure to include M0 at the end of your job so that stop.g is called.

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