LED indicator repeaters

  • Hi , I am now the proud owner of both the Duet Wifi and Duex5. I had designed a great mounting box for the Wifi, including using transparent filament light towers to bring the LED indicator outputs to the front of the box. Trouble is now I have the Duex 5 which I will probably mount back to back for space reasons, it look like I will be bereft of all those lovely LED indications.

    This question may have been asked before (if so sorry) but is there a reasonable way of repeating the LED outputs to an indicator panel that could be mounted on the front of the machine? So it can show end stop states, heaters etc etc etc. (Yes I am one of those people that likes flashing lights!)

  • Optic fiber? Easy to catch some meters

  • I thought about your suggestion and it might work, I think I've figured out how to get the fibre over the board LED's, I am concerned that the bend radius on (say) 1mm fibre optic might prove problematical though.

  • Got some transparent filament? 😉

  • Printing something, but I managed to snake a piece of clear PETG somewhat on top of one of the LEDs and it works pretty good. Course not as bright as the LED, but poked through a hole in a black bezel would be good enough to know what is going on.

  • HI Alexander, thanks for trying that, I already use the method with short lengths of transparent for my Duet controller box (see first post of the thread). It's the bend radius for both that I think would be a struggle to make practical. But seeing your photo has given me an idea of some tests to do with the transparent this evening to see what the light degradation would be in different scenarios. thanks

  • Went back and read your first post and I give myself a palmface for skimming over posts in all my different forums I try to keep up with. But I am glad the photo jogged something useful for you.

  • If you want regular leds on your display panel you could probably use photoresistors to turn them on and off.

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