Replacing Ender 5 Plus screen with PanelDue 4.3"

  • Hello,

    Not sure in what categories I should post this but i'm trying to find out if I a panelDue 4.3" will be a perfect fit to to replace the touch screen on a Creality Ender 5 plus.



  • Perfect fit can be different things to different people..

    If you list your requirements it may be easier to provide an answer.

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    Do you mean fit perfectly in the existing space for the touch screen? Or perfect replacement functionality wise?

  • @bearer @Phaedrux

    I just want to to know if the panel due will fit in the existing space, concerning functionality wise screen the will be connected to a Duet 3 so I would assume it would work perfectly fine with the Duet 3.


  • Hi all,

    Anyone that could advise on this please?


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    I don't have a Paneldue 4.3 or an Ender5Plus so I have no idea if it will fit in the case for the stock Ender screen. There are other cases available to print though.

  • why not get a mount for a bigger screen?

  • Hi all,

    Thanks for the feedback, I already have a PanelDue 5 and have only found one single case for it to use on the Ender 5 Plus which is mounted in the front of the printer and not above the original screen., the way is mounted it goes to much further out of the printer and having small kids I don't want them to get hurt or break the housing.

    I'll see if I can find any other option that could be installed above the stock screen placement.


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    A PanelDue + 4.3" screen + printed enclosure is approx. 80mm high and 145mm wide.

    Which Duet are/will you be using? If it's a Duet 3 Mini then you can use a Mnii 12864 display.

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