Duet controlled D-bot

  • Hi!

    Just want to thank you for this great board and firmware. I won´t buy anything else, thats for sure 🙂

    This is my new Duet controlled D-bot and its first prints:


    The retraction, xy jerk, speeds and accelerations were not set yet.

    And this one with the machine printing a bottle in spiral mode with all the settings set the best I could to date:


    And another one in layer by layer print mode:


    Has anyone developed printer farm control panel for the Duet? Something simple like showing on one single webpage the temperatures, status, remaining time or progress and file name of the files being printed on each machine?

  • probably not considering its easy to accomplish that with a browsers tabbing feature thats already implemented by default though it does require switching between tabs. A Dashboard could be designed but would most likely be best served from a RPI or web server.

  • The idea is to have a view on multiple machines at the same time. The web control panel is all on javascript and I fnd javascript very confusing and I don´t quite know it, even so I´ll have a look at how the information is pulled from the machine.

    The ww folder on my sdcard only has a .gzip file, not an html as the index page, is this .gz file generated by the app or was just put there in that form?

    May I replace the whole www contents by the unzipped files from the github repository?

  • administrators

    Yes you can use the unzipped versions instead if you delete the gzipped versions. But they will take longer to load.

  • You can run the webpage from your computer, it will ask to which printer it has to connect.
    It wouldn't be to hard to make a multiprinter version…

  • Thank you all for the answers and ideas.

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