External triggers don't work on Duex5

  • Hi!

    I think that I received broken Duex5.
    I cannot use external trigger for endstop 3/4/5. For endstop 2 and 6 it works fine.
    Fans on duex also work.

    I replaced Duex board and everything woks ok.
    I suspect some soldering SX1509 chip issues.

    RRF 2.05.1 (programmed in factory)
    Duex5 V0.10
    SD card (files from factory) I only added one line: M581 E2:3:4:5:6 T6 S1 C0


    ; Configuration file for factory testing Duet Ethernet and Wifi with V2.05.1 firmware
    FOR TESTING ONLY! USE https://configurator.reprapfirmware.org/ to generate configuration files for your printer!
    ; Communication and general
    M111 S0                         ; Debug off
    M550 PDuetTest					; Machine name and Netbios name (can be anything you like)
    M551 Preprap                   	; Machine password (used for FTP)
    *** Ethernet networking: The following lines are used for factory testing - PLEASE REMOVE THEM
    M552 P192.168.1.34				; IP address
    M554 P192.168.1.255				; Gateway
    M553 P255.255.255.0				; Netmask
    ;*** End of factory test lines to be removed
    ;*** Networking
    M552 S1					; Turn network on
    M555 P2					; Set output to look like Marlin
    G21						; Work in millimetres
    G90						; Send absolute coordinates...
    M83						; ...but relative extruder moves
    ; Axis and motor configuration
    M569 P0 S1
    M569 P1 S1
    M569 P2 S1
    M569 P3 S1
    M569 P4 S1
    M574 X2 Y2 Z2 S1
    M665 R105.6 L215.0 B85 H250
    M666 X0 Y0 Z0
    M350 X16 Y16 Z16 E16:16 I1
    M92 X80 Y80 Z80
    M906 X1000 Y1000 Z1000 E800 I60
    M201 X1000 Y1000 Z1000 E1000
    M203 X20000 Y20000 Z20000 E3600
    M566 X1200 Y1200 Z1200 E1200
    ; Thermistors
    M305 P0 T100000 B3950 R4700 H30 L0
    M305 P1 T100000 B3974 R4700 H30 L0
    M305 P2 T100000 B3974 R4700 H30 L0
    M570 S180
    ; Adjustments for dummy heaters on test rig
    M307 H0 A250 C140 D5.5 B1
    M307 H1 A250 C140 D5.5 B0
    M307 H2 A250 C140 D5.5 B0
    ; Disable Fan 1 thermostatic mode
    M106 P1 H-1
    ; Tool definitions
    M563 P0 D0 H1
    G10 P0 S0 R0
    M563 P1 D1 H2
    G10 P1 S0 R0
    M92 E80:80
    ; Z probe and compensation definition
    M558 P5 F100 T6000 X0 Y0 Z0 H3
    G31 P100 X0 Y0 Z-0.25
    M208 S1 Z-0.2
    ; M117 Use https://configurator.reprapfirmware.org/ to set up your printer config
    M581 E2:3:4:5:6 T6 S1 C0


    M291 R"Hello 6" P"World"

    image0.jpeg image4.jpeg

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    When and where was it purchased?

  • @Phaedrux I bought 23.11.2020 from Duet3D. Label number 820.0563

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    Please fill out the warranty claim form linked here: https://www.duet3d.com/warranty

    Include a link to this thread in your correspondence as authorization.

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