Any thoughts on using ExoSlide for a CoreXY motion system?


    It seems to be stiff, relatively light weight, and versatile when it comes to mounting points.

    Any thoughts on how this would compare to linear rail?

    I am thinking mostly as a X rail for a Duet based HEVO, replacing the two linear rods I currently have (2 X Mishumi 8mm rods and long linear bearings).

  • Imo it looks better than those rollers you see in a lot of cheap printers. It definitely won't be as good as a linear rail (but you know that). For long runs it might be better than linear rods because of the stiffness of the extrusion. I would be mostly concerned about rotation around its travel axis.

  • There is already a core xy setup available on the link you posted.
    Core xy is a great option, but it is really hard for the frame and parts.. it is why I prefer double inverted h-bot:

    • same xy movement as corexy (split between both motors)
    • the system square itself as it is pulled from the 4 motors at the same time
    • motors can be connected in series (x+(-x)) (y+(-y)) to save on stepper controller.
    • it doesnt work the frame as much as it only pull on 1 direction, making it possible to do 4 axis / angle gantry ( infinity z )

  • @zapta If you intend to enclose the printer, linear bearings that use frame rails for guidance will get in the way of simply attaching panels to the frame. You'll have to build or find a big box that the printer will fit into.

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