Jumper for ZB Duet 2 Wifi

  • Hello all,

    I am looking to separate the drives for the Z Motors on a printer I inherited at work. The person who built it used both Z ports for the Motors, and threw out the jumpers that came with the board on Zb. My question is where can I buy new jumpers for that port? Any help would be greatly appreciated,


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    If you wanted to buy some you could probably find them locally at a electronics place.

    If you have a dupont connector you could make your own jumpers with a piece of wire.

    if you google computer jumper you can find a lot of them. Not sure where you are so can't really recommend any place in particular.

  • It just take 2 two-pin jumpers.

    I can mail them to you if that's best.

    Otherwise, find any old computer motherboard and you can find them on there I bet.

  • Ordered the connectors, Thank you!

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