Dead Duet3 Board?

  • Hey guys, had an interesting development in the continued upgrading of my Predator today.
    Was having an issue with increasing height returns on smart effector probing so decided to replaced the other two belts that hadn't needed done yet, so i powered off the machine and pulled the plug out of the wall, removed the arm of the machine and replaced the belt, ironically while doing so i noticed the set screw for the stepper had come totally loose!
    Anyways, all fixed up, replaced everything back how it goes and power on the machine. No pops, no smoke, lights come on, but printer doesn't come back up on web interface. Cycle it on, off, tug on wires, everything is fine and dandy except i notice this fuse is straight up melted. I pulled the fuse and replaced it and restarted the board to see if the interface will come up and nothing. I get all four lights on the duet but nothing comes up over ethernet, or usb. Any suggestions?

  • Sorry, forgot some of the details. Running in standalone mode, internal 5v and external didn't make a difference, sd card is perfectly fine, tried the reset button a few times, nothing changes. When wired via usb micro into computer no device is registered and YAT shows no available connection.20210213_220014.jpg 20210213_222528.jpg

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    What are the bed specs? What PSU?

  • Sorry, took me a bit to find the details. It's the default power supply and bed that came with the printer, appears to be a 800w 24v power supply and anycubic reports the bed as 24v 500w max.
    Is there anything i can do to try and figure out if the board is still operational?

  • @Confessor I'm not surprised that melted. It's only a 15amp fuse.
    I think the board is rated for 18amp max and you're pulling almost 21amp.
    Didn't the anycubic come with a mosfet? I know the predators do.

  • Yeah, but i didn't know about these forums when I put everything together to ask how to hook those up. There wasn't much documentation about the 3 series boards when I got mine. I've never seen a fuse just melt rather than pop before. Figured it must be fine since it ran all the heater tests no issues...

  • Unhooked all the connections, plugged in with a known good micro usb data cable, windows says device not recognized. Refuses to allow any driver changes. Took some pictures of the board and still don't see anything that looks smoked, lol. boardfront.jpg boardrear.jpg

  • when you connect power (not usb) , do you have the leds indicating various voltages on ?
    if not , check your main fuse (not the bed fuse that melted)

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    When and where did you purchase the Duet?

    There have been a small number of fuses being out of spec and causing some damage to the fuse holder when inserted. That may have happened here. Therefore we would honour a warranty replacement. So please contact your vendor and initiate a warranty exchange. Include a link to this thread as authorization.

    When you receive the new board you should probably use a mosfet considering the load from your bed heater.

  • Yes all my power leds come up as on and active. The diagnostic light comes on as like partially lit?

    How would I go about hooking up the mosfets for the bed? Anyone already have a thread about it?

    Purchased from matter hackers and have emailed them and linked to this thread, thank you guys for the help.

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    @Confessor said in Dead Duet3 Board?:

    How would I go about hooking up the mosfets for the bed? Anyone already have a thread about it?

    Have a look at this for an overview.

    and here:

    Also take a look at the anycubic documentation (I assume there must be some) since they include a mosfet on some of their printers.

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