E3D Titan tool changer [Blog]

  • Hi guys,
    inspired by other succesfully implemented tool changers, I want to try to enable my E3D Titan extruder to swap heatsinks to have different nozzles or colors available.
    Therefor I have to split the cover in two pieces and only keep the upper half. The lower half will be designed to hold the tool in place and guide the tool into parking position.
    Today I made a first test, if the steppers are strong enough to plug/unplug the heatsink. Turns out, it's a piece of cake 🙂

    Here's a short video
    Try not to laugh!

  • I started sketching my idea of a twist&lock design incorporated into the tool parking block.

    It's basically an U-shaped parking guide that twists while inserted into the parking block.
    The twist (should) release the locked heatsink and lock into the parking block instead. (Maybe whishful thinking?)

    Here are some screenshots of the sketches to give you some footage to discuss.

    U-Shape_front.jpg U-Shape.jpg twist-lock_cut.jpg

    The final cutout in the parking block will hopefully work like a ballpen-mecanism: pushed once to park; pushed again to release. No further motors or steppers required.
    Almost like the latching toolchanger I've seen in a video.

  • I just had the vision of several different tools for the Titan housing: a diode-laser or (cylindric) Z-probe would also fit with a tailored adapter.

  • Made some progress regarding the filament path. I fixed the filament guide and inserted a short piece of PTFE tube. Also placed a new piece of PTFE into the heatsink. They used to be one piece but had to split. The lower piece got tapered to guide the filament the right way.


    Unfortunately after some manual extrude and retract moves, the filament got stuck in the heatsink. 😞 I guess that's a typical problem most filament changing extruders have. The filament builds a string when pulled out and during the unretract it folds up and locks the path.
    Does anyone have a tip, how to solve that?

  • @o_lampe Look into how the Prusa MMU2 does it, it's about forming a good tip to the filament.

  • @Rushmere3D said in E3D Titan tool changer [Blog]:

    Prusa MMU2

    That MMU2 is a funny thing. Reminds me a bit of a photoshopped 5x Wade extruder I published 2015:


    The interesting part is the ramming and the cooling moves I hope to have the chance to try out without having a MMU2.
    But first off all, I have to disassemble my hotend to remove the Jam and do some failure cause research.

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