Settings for Dual Extrusion

  • Hi all,

    Yesterday I just finished setting up a new printer I built from scratch. Nothing spectacular, mind you. It is a cartessian printer with 2 extruders (Bondtech) which connect to a single hotend with one of these 2-in-1 Y parts.

    After much diving into the documentation and wiki pages, I was able to set up the different motors, calibrate them, etc. Now I can extrude from each of the extruders by selecting the corresponding tool.

    Today I was planning to do 10 minutes research and set up the slicer and run a first test but, alas, I was too optimistic.

    I only use PrusaSlicer even though I have no Prusa printer. I've never had a problem so I would rather stick with it as I am very familiar with it use.

    For the life of me I have not been able to find a simple configuration example for my kind of setup on PrusaSlicer (or Slic3r PE, as it was formally known).

    I know that for each tool change, on filament will have to retract and the other will have to be inserted. Also, as it is common nowadays, I will want to use a wipe tower.

    Now I have no idea how to proceed or what the best option is.

    On PrusaSlicer I have the following settings, which I thing they have something to do my my setup, but I am not sure:Screenshot 2021-02-14 at 17.20.52.png

    I have also the Tool Change Gcode on the Custom Gcode settings.

    Also on the Duet /sys folder I have a bunch of macros or .g files that, as I understand it, are called when a tool change is called.

    Now, I am assuming that maybe the files on the duet and the Tool Change Gcode are equivalent? It is either one or the other?. The same is true for the Settings noted above (picture).

    If somebody would be willing to give me a hand with it, I am really confused right now. The worst thing is that I've been digging the net and I haven't come across with any tutorial, instructable or video explaining the thing.

    Any help would be much appreciated it

  • THIS is a Cura configuration for a SeeMeCNC dual extruder "Y" setup.

    Maybe it will help you get Cura configured.

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