SOLVED Z probe issue (SOLVED)

  • So i have this machine for some time and everything was working fine. I have decided to swap my tool to quick release one and started having issues with Z probe.
    I am using induction sensor, same as prusa, the 1st version connected to E0 and 5V taken elsewhere with E0 enstop ground wired to probe ground(M558 P4 I0 F400 X0 Y0 Z0 T12000). The probe registers steel proximity and works. I have also connected 2 wires to E0 endstop on duet wifi and shorting them registers endstop on DWC(with induction sensor it does not register as being engaged). The probe also gives a beep on multimeter continuity test between ground and signal.
    On duet wifi, when probe is engaged the LED for the endstop goes faint while shorting 2 wires on E0 turns LED completely off. I also tried setting the probe up on Z endstop and its the same as with E0. I also have these probes working on Maestro board so it is functional.
    Any ideas are appreciated.

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    Firmware version? Config.g? Wiring diagram/photo?

  • @Phaedrux said in Z probe issue:

    Firmware version? Config.g? Wiring diagram/photo?

    Probably has nothing to do with FW as it was working before, but its 2.03.
    Duet E0 GND to Probe GND
    Duet E0 Signal to Probe signal
    Duet Expansion pin1 to Probe +5V
    ; Z Probe
    M558 P4 I0 F400 X0 Y0 Z0 T12000
    G31 P100 X-24 Y-0.5 Z0 ; Z probe offset from the nozzle
    M557 X10:384 Y-20:370 S187 ; Define mesh grid

  • Solved. Defective in weird way probe.

  • @Agniusm said in Z probe issue (SOLVED):

    Solved. Defective in weird way probe.

    That really doesn't tell us much.

    Could you elaborate a bit please.



  • @fcwilt
    Well, i dont know or have enough electronics knowledge to elaborate. It looks like it works, probe lights up and when metallic piece gets close, led turns off. Then testing with multimeter between ground and signal, beeps continuity as with mechanical switch but when connected to duet, it does nothing, except endstop led on duet dims when metallic object is in close proximity. I tried 5V and 12V and its the same(only LED shines brighter) so it shouldn't be lack of voltage.
    P.S. I checked again with the multimeter, diode testing mode and with induction probe it reads 010 when its closed and 678 with metalic piece in close proximity while on mechanical switch it reads 001 closed an 1 open.
    Resistance when its closed is 13ohm and when open is over 20Mohm

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