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  • Hi all,

    I have 4 separate z motor on my printer and I want to know if it's possible to put 4 endstop for the z min of my screw and 1 bl touch for the mesch.

    My motors go Down when I power off and I want use 4 endstop to synchronize them when I power on.


  • @Amagatth Yes, you can have 4 separate endstops.
    In M574 Z1 S1 P"stop1+stop2+stop3+stop" replacing the names as appropriate. These should be declared in the same order as the 4 z motors in M584
    You will find that it will be difficult to get them all level though so it may make sense to just use one on your make and then perform bed levelling using the bltouch

  • @jay_s_uk thx for the answer I can use my bl to the mesch with the 4 endstop?

  • @jay_s_uk I understand the process and I have already see this page but I don't see any information about 4 endstop for the level of my "screws" and the bl touch for the bed

    Sry for my English ^^

  • well you basically set your screw/pivot point location using M671
    then edit the bed.g file to set the 4 probe points

    G28 ; home
    G30 P0 X0 Y0 Z-99999 ; probe near a leadscrew
    G30 P1 X0 Y0 Z-99999 ; probe near a leadscrew
    G30 P2 X0 Y0 Z-99999 ; probe near a leadscrew
    G30 P3 X0 Y0 Z-99999 S4; probe near a leadscrew and calibrate 4 motors

    Adjust the probe points to get them as close as you can to the 4 screws.

    Both the M671, M584 and the probe points above need to be in the same order. e.g. front left, front right, back left, back right.

  • @jay_s_uk I try to make this fonction but it's not perfect it's why I ask for 4 endstop for screw and the bl for the bed 🙂

  • @Amagatth why is it not perfect?
    both my machines that have independent levelling utilise G32 and neither of them have any endstops on Z

  • I don't see modification after g32

  • None at all?

    Post your full config, homeall, homez, bed and a photo of your machine would be good

  • I send you all tomorrow 🙂 thx 😁

  • Hi ,

    You can find my configuration and bed file, on the photo at front left its Z1 back left Z2 front right Z3 back right Z4

    THx for your help 🙂IMG_20210224_075121.jpg

    bed.g config.ghomez (1).g homeall (1).g

    Correction when i make g32 i see screw moove at the end but the mouvement is not good my X axis isn't parallel with my bed

  • its advised not to have half the drivers for an axis on one board and half on the other.
    The best thing to do would be move the extruders on to the expansion board and have all 4 z motors on the main board.

    Is your bed fully rigid and only adjusted in height by the motors? If so, your M671 coordinates are wrong. Its perfectly acceptable to have locations that are outside the machine limits. e.g. X-100:-100:1100:1100.

    You don't have any offsets set for your bltouch in G31

    In your homez, I suggest probing the centre of the bed rather than at X15 Y15. You should take into account any probe offsets when inputting the location. This comment also applied to homeall

    You should not be calling M401 and M402 as part of the bed file. They are automatically called by probe type P9.

    Everything else looks ok

  • I already change zhome on center and my bed is fix just the 4 motor move my x/y axis up or down

    The coordinate of motor are z1 x-50 y0 z2 x-50 y 1000 z3 x1050 y0 z4 x1050 y1000

  • i have change m671 with real screw coordinates and its look better ! 🙂 thx !!

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