Destroyed my frimware

  • Hallo,
    while updating to .19 I did not read the note to do it different than normal.
    after my attempt to update the webserver manualy I may destroyed it completly.
    I wanted to redo the setting anyway, so i figuerd it might be easyer to get a image for the SD Card and reconfigure the printer compleetly.
    how do I do that?

    best regarts

  • administrators

    If you have already updated the main firmware to 1.19 which you can confirm by running M115, you can put the SD card in. PC, extract the DuetWebControl files to /www and copy the new DuetWiFiServer file to /sys. Then put the card back in the Duet, restart and run M997 S1 to install the new WiFi firmware.

  • didnt work
    i didnt had the folder www so I made one and unpakt DuetWebControl. Then I put DuetWIFIServer into /sys.
    After I put the card back in I turned the power back on and typed M997 S1 on the pannel due and got
    Error: instalation failed due to comm write error
    so I tryed by conecting the Due via USB to my laptop an send the comand with repetier and got the same error.

    by the way I can reach the Printer via WIFI but the Webcontrol cant conect to the Printer
    I tryed to rested it ones so i still have Web Interface Version: 1.12-RC1

    I am still running 1.19beta11

    Is there a way to set new Z hight via G- code cant find a comand

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    After sending M997 S1, did you get any progress messages on PanelDue prior to the "comm write error" one?

  • it tryed to conect with different baudrates but all faild

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    it tryed to conect with different baudrates but all faild

    Try it a few more times, with just USB power applied, and also with VIN power applied. If it always fails to connect at all the baud rates it tries, ask your supplier to repair or replace the Duet.

  • so frimeware update killed the DUET ?
    is there a way to get a clean SD card image? something like all files you ship the sd card with.

    by the way I bought the DUET here.

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    The firmware update won't have killed the Duet however something else is going on.

    Can you confirm

    1. With nothing plugged in other than the USB cable you can connect to the Duet over USB using pronterface/Repetier?
    2. What happends when you send M997 S1 when connected over USB

    1. I do print with repetier host at the moment
    2. when only Powerd by USB I typed M997 S1 via Paneldue got the error massage "Error: instalation failed due to comm write error" on the paneldue
      when I conect whit repetier host I first get ERROR : Failed to initialise WIFI module code -10
      then typed M997 S1 and got back "Error: instalation failed due to comm write error". it starts at Baud 460800 then 230400 -> 115200 -> 74880
      with 5 V and 24V enable and no USB i got the same play

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    Try it without the panel due plugged in please

  • same

  • administrators

    What revision PCB is it: 1.0, 1.01 or 1.02; and when did you buy it?

  • I think it is 1.0
    I bought it late last year


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