Why does my Toolchange not work?

  • Hey Guys,

    i've found a Toolchange Script for a 2 Extruder to 1 Hotend Solution and tweaked it a bit that it works better on my Printer. (Only a few Delays and extrusion lenght)
    If i use that gcode it don't select T1 (if we are first on T0).
    It only uses 1 Extruder.

    Here is it:

    T[old_tool] ; use the current Tool
    G92E0 ; zero extrusion lenght
    G1 E-10 F2800 ; retract the filament from melting zone
    G92E0 ; zero extrusion lenght
    G1 X20 Y20 F3000 ;move the hotend to bed edges or corners to finish the filament swap job. normally over the prim pillar is ideal
    G4 S20 ;wait for X seconds to reduce the filament stringing
    G1 E-112 F2800 ; retract the filament cross the intersection back to the its own tube waiting for the Gcode summon. distance is depending on your hardware setup
    G92E0 ; zero extrusion lenght
    T[new_tool] ; use the next Tool
    G92 E0 ; zero extrusion lenght
    G1 E45 F1500 ; extrude 45mm in to the Hotend from the Splitter
    G4 S2 wait 2 Seconds
    G1 E15 F1500 ; extrude 15mm and pass the Hotend
    G4 S1 ; wait 1 Second
    G1 E62 F1500 ;extrude the new selected filament to the nozzle 
    G92 E0 ; zero extrusion lenght

    Any Idea what

  • I got the now.
    The Toolchange needs to be sliced and cann not be executed by a Macro.

  • You can also use tpre_.g and tpost_.g (and tfree_.g) macros (where _ is the num of the tool) to execute G-Codes before a tool is selected, after it is selected, and when it is released.


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