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  • Hi everyone,

    1st post here.
    Just installed my Duetwifi (with 5" PanelDue and PT100) and got some error messages that I cannot identify.
    I just upgraded to 1.19.2, which acted strange until someone told me 'read the same text, it says delete the deploy and restract files'. ā€“> and all worked as expected šŸ™‚

    1st one "Warning: Heater 2 appears to be overpowered. If left on at full power its tem". Strange as I just powered in the printer and temps are all 20-30 deg. Normal temp. Heater 2 hasn't even powered on yet. So what's wrong? Faulty cabling?

    2nd one "Warning. Tool 0 was not driven because its heater tempo were not high enough or it has a heat" This happens at the start of the print.
    probably related to a command I have set in Simplify3D, as on a E3D BigBox, you should ALWAYS select T0 before moves, otherwise the head bumped into the back, during dock.

    Anyway, very pleased so far, and print nĀ° 3 is currently running.


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    Check out how to tune your heater in the wiki here:

    The error you have is based on the firmware believing you have a powerful heater that could reach the temperature indicated if left fully on. This might not be the case, see how you get on with the tuning.

    For the second one check your tool change macros it may be you have a retract command in there that executed on tool change, but that retract won't work if the hotend is not hot enough. This is one of the reasons why I don't have retract commands in tool change macros. Instead I use the slicer tool change settings to deal with retraction.


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