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  • I'm a huge Duet series fan as you know, multiple units, every accessory you've made etc. I'm such a fan that I have a hard time being critical of anything, but I must. Can we get a way of updating a PanelDue that doesn't require an engineering degree and some luck? Or at the least, some detailed documentation that addressing some pitfalls? Right now I'm working off of the Github documentation, which is precisely where the solid information should be, in case it's release-specific.

    1. Download and install the gcc cross-compiler. A simple way of doing this is to download Arduino version 1.5.8 and install it into folder C:/Arduino-1.5.8. The compiler and associated tools will then be in folder C:\Arduino-1.5.8\hardware\tools\gcc-arm-none-eabi-4.8.3-2014q1\bin. If you already have a later version of Arduino installed including the add-on for SAM processors, you will find the compiler and tools in a different folder, for example C:\Users<your user="" name="">\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\arduino\tools\arm-none-eabi-gcc\4.8.3-2014q1\bin.
    • I have no such file. I went as far as downloading and installing Arduino 1.5.8 and erasing my newer version. Still nothing. In the tools folder I have only another folder titled .avr and a .keep file of some sort. The closest I can come to gcc-arm-none-483 is Arduino>hardware>tools>avr>bin>avr-gcc-4.9.2.exe. Is this the right thing? Who knows, lets see if we can substitute it out in the later steps

    Download and install Eclipse Neon 2.
    -Okie Dokie, no download link, so head to google and find this. Which of the 159 versions do I need? Who knows.
    Think I've got one, lets see.

    Download this github project as a zip file and unzip it into C:/Eclipse/PanelDue. Then rename folder PanelDueFirmware-dev in that folder to PanelDue.

    • Welp, no folder named dev, only panelduefirmware-master. Hopefully that's the one!

    Load Eclipse and tell it to import the PanelDue project.

    • Ok, lets see…file->import

      A million options. None of which seem like importing a project?

    Lets try General->existing project into workspace? It says project at least
    Ok I'll point it to the new folder I just made with the source file and the hopefully correctly renamed folder that wasn't very clear

    Oh that sounded promising! But, it's grayed out and unselectable. Besides, even if this was it, it'd upload all 3 versions, not just the 7 inch version, that doesn't sound right.

    If your compiler and tools are in a folder other than C:\Arduino-1.5.8\hardware\tools\gcc-arm-none-eabi-4.8.3-2014q1\bin, configure the path to the tools in both projects. You will find this in the project settings under C/C++ Build -> Settings -> Cross Settings.

    Well, no idea where this setting is.

    At this point I'm realizing I'm using possibly the wrong version of eclipse, in conjunction with possibly the wrong version of the gcc thing, to move potentially the wrong folder I renamed, and I can't even do that, so I give up and type this message in hopes DC42 will bail me out again.

    I don't mean to be snarky, but hopefully I made a wrong turn early and the rest of this follows from that, but if this is actually the documentation to be used in this process, it's so unclear that I don't see how anyone could do it RIGHT. I installed recommended version of arduino, didn't get the filepath to the gcc thing tho? I was left alone to find out what an eclipse neon is, where to get it, and how to use it, which I'm certain I didn't do correctly. Even the file name on github doesn't match that in the directions on github. The whole flashing firmware from your laptop thing itself is below the standards the rest of the product line has set, but to poorly explain how to do so is very not duet like!

    Can someone tell me how to do this?

    (Hope I wasn't too snarky, love you guys, just frustrated)</your>

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    There is no need to install Eclipse to update Panel Due unless you want to change the functionality. Just download the binary from and follow the instructions at

  • I second the suggestion of getting a better way to update the firmware on PanelDue. Ideally it should be possible to do it from DWC, as we can for everything else, but I understand how this could be challenging. Breaking out bossac should be limited to special cases where something went wrong, not the normal way.


  • Me third. I agree. Although having Duet be a work in progress has been a challenge at times, I certainly appreciate all the hard work that goes into it and we are all working together to make Duet the best out there! Thanks David!

  • How do I know which version I have?

  • @clearlynotstefan:

    How do I know which version I have?

    Assuming you mean firmware version, press "Setup" - the version number is at the top of that screen

  • @deckingman:


    How do I know which version I have?

    Assuming you mean firmware version, press "Setup" - the version number is at the top of that screen

    I did not, I meant hardware version, that link has files for each size and version panel due. I found a site differentiating the first two to know I have a v2, but idk what a v3 looks like haha

  • It is written on the board.

  • How long have you had your board I very much doubt there are any V3 Boards out in the wilds yet the Github page does say it is forthcoming and using a different display?

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    Yes the PCB revision is written on the back of the board (1.0, 1.1, 2.0 or 3.0). Version 3.0 boards started shipping a few days ago. They work with the same displays as the previous versions, although there is also an experimental build (7.0E) for a different sort of display that we are experimenting with.

  • I understand that updating the firmware doesn't require the steps in the OP.
    But changing the functionality does.
    (not that I am going this route, but in case I ever wanted to)

    It would be good to know the answer to

    Download and install Eclipse Neon 2.
    -Okie Dokie, no download link, so head to google and find this. Which of the 159 versions do I need? Who knows.

    Since it is documented, I think it should be made claer

    Many Thx


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    The one you need is Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers. I'm using Eclipse Oxygen now. I'll update the readme file.

  • For the v1.1 paneldue board, which release 1.17 file is the correct version for the 7" screen? I only see V2 and V3 listed. Is the older revision of the boards limited to 1.16 revision?

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    The V2 file will work on V1 and V1.1.

  • Thanks David!

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