Delta z-travel 99mm instead of 100mm

  • Recently I noticed my prints came out a bit too small (It used to be spot on). I have recalibrated the z-probe, delta, remeasured my rods etc. But to no avail. Next I measured the z-travel of the carriages. I noticed the carriages travel consistently only 99mm when I move the head down 100mm. And 49.5mm when moving 50mm down. I cannot measure beyond 100mm but when I move the head down 200mm en up 100mm again it is again at 99mm from the starting position.

    My printer uses 1/16th steps, 0.9 degrees motors, GT2 belt and 36 teeth pulleys. I have always used 88.89 steps/mm (validated using the on-line prusa calculator). I am running the latest firmware 1.19.2 (2017-09-01).

    What could be wrong?

  • I found my error… I changed the steps from 88.89 to 88,8889 with a decimal comma. This truncated the fractional part resulting in 1% lower setting than intended.

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    Ahh good spot!


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