Mesh bed compensation algorythm

  • Hi!

    A friend asked me how mesh bed compensation works… He (and I) want to know if the compensation is done during all the print, or if it is only done on the first layers, gradually returning to a flat surface, without any Z move inside a layer, so top surface is flat?


  • M376: Set bed compensation taper

    Hnnn Height (mm) over which to taper off the bed compensation

    M376 H10

    This command specifies that bed compensation should be tapered off over the specified height, so that no bed compensation is applied at and above that height. If H is zero or negative then no tapering is applied, so compensation is performed throughout the entire print.

    If the firmware does not adjust the extrusion amount to compensate for the changing layer height while tapering is being applied, you will get under- or over-extrusion. Using a large taper height will reduce this effect. For example, if the taper height is 50 times the largest bed height error, then under- or over-extrusion will be limited to 2%.

  • Great, thanks!


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