PanelDue - 7 inch - sparkle sparkle

  • Having a run of bad luck with hardware this week… Hoping it's all config related.

    Hooked up PanelDue to a 7 inch screen and DuetWifi. Flashed firmware on PanelDue to the latest and for the most part no issues, other than the white sections of the display sparkle with black dots and white shift left and right. It looks like some type of interference in the signal. Have triple checked hardware settings, connections and firmware versions. Will attach a video in a bit.

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    Do you have 12V/24V power applied to the Duet WiFi? The backlight on the 7" display draws a lot of current, and when operating on USB power only, it's not unusual to see issues with display quality.

  • There's a 12 volt ATX connected. I'm using the 5 volt constant supply from the ATX for the 5 volt supply on the DuetWifi. I moved the jumper for 5 volt on the DuetWifi to use external 5 volt. When I physically turn the ATX supply off and run off USB 5 volt, I see a lot more issues.

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    Looks to me like a faulty display panel then. The pixel clock doesn't appear to be properly synchronised.

  • Could be picking up electrical noise. You tried adding some ferrite beads to the power connections inside the panel?

    On way to test if its a noisy power connection is to remove the PanelDue from the 3D printer and plugging it directly to your usb cable (with ferrite on cable) and see if you still have the same problem. I had some electrical noise gremlins on my old controller that was fixed by adding ferrite beads.

  • If you are using 5v from the atx supply, check the current rating. IIRC my atx supply does not provide a lot of current over any of the 5v circuits.

  • Well to try to isolate all those suggestions, I've done the following. The issue follows the display regardless of connection or wiring.

    Connected to PC via KVMU switch: Brief 1-2 second moment of clear graphics, then sparkle.
    Connected to self powered Anker USB 3 HUB with a 4 or 5 AMP supply: Sparkle
    Connected to MBP USB 3: Sparkle
    Connected to DuetWifi via 4 PIN wire: Sparkle

  • Thanks folks, I will have a chat with the filastruder folks on exchanging the panel.

  • Received replacement today, Works perfect. Thanks Tim and Dave!

  • Excellent, thanks for the update!

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