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  • Hi….

    I am propietary of a Tevo Little Monster. This printer comes with a BlTouch.... and, for me, dont work...

    I search an altenative.... What sensor recomend, as Z Probe?

  • piezo sensor from DjDemon is very good:

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    Quite a lot of Duet users have bltouch working with it, so is it really time to give up?

    However, for a delta printer, a nozzle-contact Z probe is best because effector tilt is common in delta printers, and only nozzle contact probes are insensitive to effector tilt.

  • I'd say in terms of accuracy and repeatability our piezo probes and Duet's/DC42's Smart Effector will equal (or exceed) any other probing system. In terms of convenience and ease of use these systems are unparalleled, no offsets, works on any material and is permanently mounted. They both take a bit of tuning to get working well, but after that just probe away. You do need a clean nozzle but that's about it as far as the downside goes.

    Inductive sensors are cheap and can be reasonably reliable/accurate if you are happy with their mass and offset from the nozzle.
    Capacitative sensors vary too much depending on humidity/temperature.
    IR sensor works great if you have a clean evenly reflective (to IR) bed.
    Microswitches are very accurate but they have to be deployed, which means servos, extra gcode, and unless the mechanism is very well designed the deployed position can vary from one use to the next, so they're repeatable and accurate within one session of use but not so much between sessions.
    BLtouch is a nice idea but is basically a tiny deployable microswitch so some of the same issues there. Accuracy is an order of magnitude lower than piezo/smart effector or microswitches. However 50 microns is still close enough for a good first layer, but 10 microns on the piezo/smart effector is going to get you more accurate delta calibration
    Accelerometers, again nice idea in theory but the nozzle has to strike the bed fairly hard.
    FSR's work like piezo but not as accurate and needs more force to trigger, plus they are delicate, and very sensitive to heat.

    Or see what you can come up with, at TCT there was a stall with a guy with tiny objects and incredibly detailed layers in his models, he uses a laser inferometer to set his z level!

  • ok,

    I can reach easily to this:

    An inductive sensor

    This, supose yes, can work with Duet, in a Tevo Little Monster?

  • Near Spain, where can buy your piezo probes?

  • Answered by email. But we ship worldwide.

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