Burned out Extruder motor, changed driver and motor and issues remain

  • So I came home one evening and the print had stopped extruding filament.

    Come to find out my motor was extremely seized up. No problem so I swapped it out for a brand new stepper motor. Still the same result.

    Finally I switched it over to P4 driver (E1 driver) and was working fine. Got the extrusion calibration done and began printing. Within 20 minutes extrusion stopped yet again.
    With the stepper motor disabled I am easily able to spin the drive gear (e3d titan extruder) and extrude filament by hand showing the motor is not seized up. But when the tool is selected it cannot give enough force to extrude. My current setting is at 1800 mah and I hate to increase it more since it used to always run at 1800mah no problem.

    I guess I am left to question, are my drivers on my duet burnt out? Am I able to just reflow new stepper driver chips to the board?

    Any other inputs would be wonderful as I am slightly ticked this has happened.

  • Power supply voltage too low?

    Edit - voltage dropping during a print when everything is running is what I mean.

  • I am not entirely sure, but I do doubt it. I was away when it happened again, but there were no skipped steps in any axis. As well I have an SE Mean Well PSU ( 24V 600 watt) it better not be dropping voltage.

    If it can even extrude again I wil check. I doubt it was a voltage spike issue as my extruder is now unoperable even outside of a print. It acts as if it is not getting enough power. Very low on power. The motor does not make a struggling humming or grinding noise it just sits there. But if you spin the gear by hand while it is suppose to be extruding then you can feel it trying to go while you spin it.

  • Not simply a blocked hot end is it - or one that isn't getting hot enough?

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    As you've experienced the same thing using both the E0 and E1 connectors, I suspect a bad connection in the motor wiring.

  • Have you tested with the stepper motor not mounted to anything? It is really unusual for a stepper motor to burn out/sieze. More likely there's a problem with the Titan (or the wiring) I'd say.

  • Just found a small connector issue. Stupid standard jst pin wasn't fully engaged into the plastic housing. I ruled out wiring as I redid it three times now but apparently I just suck. I will update the thread accordingly to see if this works or not.

  • Still random success and failure. Even soldered direct for testing. Even more odd, now moving any axis by hand as soon as the duet is on is like moving the axis when the motors are powered on, but at a much lower voltage/current. Not sure what is going on here. On every axis.

  • I had the thought, my printer was operating flawless with pla (just finished a 52 hour printer before all this) and switched to ABS. The nozzle temp is now at 245C vs 205C with pla, and the bed temp is up from 65C to 105C for ABS. I have my bed wired with an external mosfet but I think I will check my PSU outputs and mosfet to be sure they aren't feeding something wonky into the duet. Worst case I go and get a new Duet, this one is a year old and has been repaired when a 5v internal re settable fuse was fused together.

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