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    Failure down every road on this one. The machine raises z then fails to home x or y trying 1 at a time. refuses to homeall.g print run method it stops at what ever axis it hits. a stop homing the other. falsely report the other axis. sometime it fails to stop. even with S1 next to all gcode intended to stop at. switches check out in machine properties on web control, not struck when not struck, M119 reports struck when I test each switch manually tripping it. and the proper direct for the axis homing. max and mins check out. homing files are short and sweet basic allowing enough x travel for y to finish. Can't figure it out. No noise in system 1 pwr supply for the whole show including the pc. Can't understand why print running attempts can run homeall.g and I can't through console. weird stuff, need help. other wise Im removing gcode for homing on every print and freeballing this thing! Just can't see why 3d printers firmware is so failure prone vs subtractive machining where everything you could think of is in ur way, like solid metal multiply obstictles. And don't let me forget the 20 some hp spindle destroying everything in its way. Never had a cnc mill display any of this weird stuff. This should be so easy, U start out with nothing on the plate and everything u lay down is already out of ur way. Doesn't make sense.

  • It is difficult, maybe impossible to help if you don't post your (latest) config.g and homing files (home.g, homey.g, homez.g, homeall.g)?

    3D printer firmware isn't failure prone, I've currently in a streak of over 300 prints on this firmware, with zero failures for any reason - including things that aren't the firmware's fault like bed adhesion. It just works. Every time.

    But for the firmware to work at all, it has to be configured properly. And for us to help you, we need the files mentioned above, a wiring diagram of how you've connected all your endstops, and information on what endstops you're using (active? passive? normally open? normally closed? connected to which pins of the connector). Pictures of the switches, how they're connected, and the printer in general wouldn't hurt either.

    Starting multiple new threads for similar issues isn't a good idea, as it means you have to repeat yourself or everyone else has to search your post history to see what you've done so far. Not providing complete information and starting new threads makes it difficult for people to help you, soon no one is likely to bother.

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    I locked this thread as it's duplicating this one : https://www.duet3d.com/forum/thread.php?id=3526

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