My most sincere congratulations … AWESOME SERVICE

  • From here, I see myself in the obligation to thank the components of Escher3D y Think3DPrint3D, in particular David Crocker and Roland Lock, for the unbeatable after-sales service that they are giving me of Duet3d Wifi board.

    After David Crocker detected a problem on the board, in the WiFi module, he recommended that I mail the board to England for a review and repair if necessary.
    If I remember correctly, the board was sent last Friday, I sent it with UPS, and it arrived on Tuesday. On Wednesday, this is a theory, Roland Lock, I check i, detecting a fault in the WiFi module, he also check the Due Panel and the screen that I send them next to the Duet3d board.

    With the revision and repair done, I sent the plaque on Thursday, and I just arrived … about 24 hours later. IMPRESSIVE

    I have not yet had time to assemble and check the plate, but the service so far has been SPECTACULAR.

    From here congratulate and thank, both David Crocker and Roland Lock, the after-sales service they have offered me ....
    And if after all this ... the plate works ... it will be a wonder !!!!

    Tomorrow fedback of repair/replacement....

    P.D .: David ... we "read" in the forum, where if nothing happens, I'll keep asking questions, and many of them will already be answered in the WIKI. WIKI in PDF NOW !!!! XD

  • administrators

    Hi peirof

    Thanks for your kind words!

    Regarding the documentation we are evaluating a different system which should be easier to generate print outs and be.more logical.



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