Panel due or touch screen problem

  • Panel Due and 7" screen When I received my shipment fro Filastruder 3 months ago of my Duet Ethernet and the panel due and 7" screen, I plugged the panel due and screen in temporarily to check that it works. I unhooked it and put it away as I hadn't gotten around to printing a case for it. So yesterday I printed a case for it and today I put it together and mounted it and now the touch screen does not work. The screen comes on and I can read it, it just does not respond to touch. I have checked the ribbon cables and they are fulley seated and they are not broken anywhere. Anyone know why the touch part would quit working?

  • I just saw the panel due section in the accessories and addons. Can a moderator move this there? Thanks.

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    It's probably a fault on the TFT panel. The touch membrane ribbon cable is the small 4-conductor one.

  • Is there a way to test what is bad? Everything looks visually good

  • I don't know how long Filastruder will honor a warranty. I tested it when I first got it, but then it sat for 3 months and now the touch portion doesn't work. What should I get as replacement? Just the screen? Just the panel due? Both?

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    The PanelDue controllers are very reliable, so I suggest you ask Filastruder for a replacement screen first - but they may want you to send both back so that they can see which part isn't working and replace it.

  • I just sent Filastruder an email. I will see what they say. Thanks.

  • Received the return, looks like the touch overlay itself is faulty. The electronics (LCD PCB and PanelDue) are all OK.

    Will send a brand new LCD/touchscreen, with the same PanelDue as before.

  • Thank you Filastruder for the quick turn around. I received my screen yesterday and it works fine.

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