70 year old retires - Thanks to DC42/T3P3 +everyone who helped me.

  • I built my own mid size of DC42's large Kossel Delta with many metal parts and many other parts from T3P3
    I now have to give up it up as 3D printing is not good for Ashtma sufferers and my Oxygen tanks!
    So my 24V, 0.9 deg, DuetWifi Kossel Delta Midi is for sale at a Bargain price or I will sell it as parts.
    Anyone interested please send me a message and i will photos and price list .

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    Thanks for your support! I'm sorry to hear that you are having to give up 3D printing. What filament were you using that was giving you problems? I gave up printing ABS because it made me cough, but thankfully I've had no problems printing PLA or PETG so far.

  • Oxygen is for another condition, and the Oxygen risk assessment would not allow 3D printing in same space - very dangerous.
    PLA was fine I agree.

  • Ah yes. I tried Oxygen at home for my cluster headaches. It didn't work for me so I discontinued it and rely on Sumatriptan injections and other medication. That's also why I can't print ABS - the smell can trigger the headaches (as can BBQs, cleaning the oven and various other smells).

    I can see why risk assessment people would get excited but I'd think that in reality, as there are no naked flames involved, there is no true hazard. However, it's probably impossible to get a risk assessor to see reason on that score.

    Sorry to hear of you health issues and I hope you get a good price for the Kossel.

  • Very interesting and an unhappy coincidence?.
    My condition is cluster headaches too.
    Had them for over 12 months now..
    My neurologist, the top man in London in this field, also prescribed Oxygen and Sumatriptan.
    Oxygen @ 100% for 20 minutes at 15 litres/min - seems to work.
    No alcohol and no caffeine as these can also be triggers 😞
    Now i am on Zolmitriptan which is Sumatriptan in nasal spray form - when Oxygen does not work
    or out of town. Much easier and a much cheaper than the injections.
    First i had 4 weeks heavy does of steroids
    That was only a temporary fix.
    No I am permanently on Verapamil 40mpg x 3 times per day.
    I have been cluster headache free for over 3 weeks.
    If it returns they will increase the Verapamil dose
    I hope this helps you.

  • Merlin,

    I've sent you an email. I started with Cluster headaches about 5 years ago but I'm sure other forum users don't want to know about all the pills we oldies have to take :). So I'm happy to carry on this conversation by email.


  • Merlin, did you consider switching to resin 3D printers? Don't know if resins can trigger headaches, but no problem with oxygen…

  • Finally after hoarding the printer for 4 months I am finally getting rid.
    Here are the parts and prices I have for sale. (all in good working order)

    6 x Robotdigg Metal corners (3 top , 3 bottom) complete with bearings, idlers and GT2 20 teeth pulleys - £55 the lot

    3 x .9deg Nema 17 Biplora Stepper 44Ncm 17HM19-1684S, complete with L brackets and anti-vibration mounts - £25 the lot

    1 x Switching power supply 350W , 24V 14.6A - £12

    1 x DuetWifi v1.0 no 413/500, including 8GB micro sdcard, T3P3 mount, wiring loom/connectors - £37.50 the lot

    2 x 1.75mm filament Extruders, Greg Wade design, with twin eliptical gears, and 1.8deg stepping motors - £15 the lot

    3 x Robotdigg metal carriages with T3P3 carriers, 9 Delrin V rollers, each with 2 x 623ZZ bearings - £45 the lot

    2 x 1.75/3.0mm filament extruders fully manufactured high spec clones , no printed parts at all, includes 1.8deg motors, anti vibration mounts - £25 the lot

    Motedis 20x20 aluminium extrusion Type B slot ; 9 x 360mm; 3 x 750mm , including 3 x Motedis aluminium 'high heels' - £35 the lot

    6 x "T3P3 XL" manufactured Carbon Rods pre fitted withTraxxas rod ends. - ~£30 the lot

    Lots of tools and other parts/spare parts given away to those who collect from London HA5 postcode.
    Carriage at cost via Hermes courier £4 - £12 based on size/weight
    Pictures and exact carriage costs upon request.

  • interested in this:
    1 x DuetWifi v1.0 no 413/500, including 8GB micro sdcard, T3P3 mount, wiring loom/connectors - £37.50 the lot

    Would you ship to Norway?


  • Guys and Gals
    I am overwhelmed by your response.
    I will post an update of what remains when I sort it out.
    The DuetWifi is certainly sold, many times over!
    The wife could not be more pleased that all my 'junk' is finally getting moved.

  • Wow - over 24Kg of parts and tools sent, and I now have one empty shelf.
    The only items I discovered that remain are:
    1 x DC42 mini IR sensor v1.0 @ £10
    1 x DC42 mini IR sensor v1.1 @ £10 (or was it called v2.0 ?)
    First one to go gets a fully wired/crimped cable . P&P included.
    Both should give 3 flashes on power up or full refund given.

    T3P3 Mini Kossell carbon fibre rods with TRAXXAS rod ends assembled by me, so not as perfect as Roland's.
    @ £10 plus £2.90 p&p.

    E3D V6 boot with cartridge thermistor - never used.
    @ £4 inc p&p.

    Just been drooling over the spec of the T3P3 Kossell XL - well an old man can still dream!


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