Wifi or Ethernet?

  • Hello Folks. If I can hardline in with USB why would I choose ethernet. I like the idea of wifi with no cable link. is there any drawbacks?

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    Some people have had issues with WiFi. Recent firmware builds have sorted many of the issues but a couple of people still have some issues. Also if your WiFi network requires sign in then connecting a Duet will probably not work. Ethernet is also better is electrically noisy environments which some industrial environments can be. All that said the vast majority of people have no issues with WiFi.

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    Duet Web Control provides a much richer interface than the USB host programs do. It also provides high speed file upload to the SD card. You can control the printer from a tablet or smartphone too.

    The vast majority of Duet WiFi users find the WiFi connection reliable. A small number have difficulties, usually caused by poor wifi signal strength at the Duet, or a very congested WiFi environment (e.g. an apartment block). There also appear to be compatibility issues with a few types of WiFi router, which we are trying to resolve.

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  • Thank you gentlemen.

  • I love my Duet Ethernet. If you don't mind running cables, I think its more reliable. The only negative of the ethernet that I know of is lack of bonjour or mDNS.

  • And I love the WiFi, I have 3 Duets - 2 Wifi's and an older 0.6 with ethernet.. I hate having to run a network cable to the printer with the 0.6 ethernet as well as worry about moving it around and pulling on the cable etc.. that said once its in place its fine.

    I took one of my WiFi printers into work to show it off, was really easy to just find a spare power outlet, connect to the work wifi (with a macro I prepared in advance) and bam away it goes.

    But, we have very reliable strong Wifi at our work, and I have a fairly decent one at home as well (ubiquiti unifi), although I also had no troubles using it on a cheap tplink router with built-in wifi as well. as has been said if you have poor or congested WiFi then the ethernet is probably a safer bet.

  • thanks for sharing your input guys

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