Board not detected by USB

  • My Duet WiFi is no longer being detected by USB across multiple computers, ports, and cables.

    The only symptoms I have are 3.3v LED, 5v LED, the LEDs next to the micro USB port, and the WiFi adapter gets fairly hot when plugged into 5v.

    Right before this, I was leveling my bed with the mini Ir sensor when the cables came loose and I didn't notice so my head crashed. I did an emergency restart and the board wouldn't connect to WiFi anymore.
    I then connected it USB and try to re-setup WiFi. When doing that, the board said it couldn't start WiFi.
    So I went to update the firmware, and I noticed there wasn't a firmware file on the SD card. After I uploaded that file, I'm where I am now. The Erase and Reset buttons don't seem to do anything.

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    Is it just the WiFi module getting hot, or are other ICs hot too e.g. the processor, the 3.3V regulator U2, and the small 14-pin ICs?

  • I left it plugged in for 10 minutes and the only thing that is hot is the WiFi module

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    Have you worked through ? Note, if you upgraded the firmware from a version earlier than 1.18.1 and your PC runs Windows, you may need to install the updated device driver.

  • I have. There are 3 red LEDs (diag, 5v, and the one betwwen the usb prot and the reset switch) and the green 3.3v LED that are on. No ports appear, even after using different USB cables, USB ports, computers, or attempting to erase the firmware.

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    Thanks for confirming that. Please ask your supplier to replace your Duet.

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