Customizable (or reasonable) Extruder Control feed rates

  • The standard extruder feed rates from the Machine Control panel of 60, 30, 15, 5 and 1 mm/s are mostly useless. Maybe on some other device 60mm/s makes sense, but on my printer anything above 5mm/s cause missed steps, and on some extruders (Titan Aero, i'm looking at you) even 5mm/s is too fast. I used this panel to calibrate extruder steps by extruding 100 mm. It takes forever at 1mm/s. I would love either more granularity on the low end (1, 2, 3, 5mm/s?), or the ability to set the speeds..

  • They claim that the high speeds are for loading filament.
    As a Titan Aero user too, I only use 5 and 1 mm/s. The 5mm/s speed sometimes skips if the temperature is a bit cold.

    Either way, I like your request.
    +1 for a customizable or at least less agressive extude speeds.

  • I 2nd this request too. As a work around I have to create custom macros

  • If your Titan skips steps you need to feed it more current. If that doesn’t solve it, you should be looking at a new motor.

    I run it at the highest speed when loading and unloading filaments and at 5 when just extruding the first 100mm to or so.

    Used Titan just to be clear.

    I would like customizeable steps though. Same as the option to add the drop down temperatures for the heaters.


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