WiFi setup ?

  • Can anyone point me to the idiot's guide to getting the ESP8266 board to connect to my wireless router? Or explain it?

    I followed the steps mentioned in another thread about connecting to DuetWifi at and setting the initial SSID and password values and rebooting - however it never comes back up as a wifi client device - just goes right back into DuetWifi server mode.


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    Hi Jerry

    Have you tried the instructions here:




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    Hi Jerry, if it restarts as an access point then this usually means that you didn't enter the password correctly. But it could also mean that the ESP failed to get an IP address from the router, which could happen if the router already had its maximum number of devices connected, or the signal received by the router from the ESP was too weak.

  • I followed the getting connected wiki page procedure with no success.

    Hangs up here:

    M552 S1
    SENDING:M552 S1
    WiFi server starting up

    Then goes into AP mode again.

    I know the password is correct for my router which only has 5 other devices connected to it and I'm 7 feet away from the router.

    I will try a different router later this evening.

  • It's a 2.4ghz SSID that you're trying to connect to, right?

  • Yes, it is 2.4.

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    Hmm… I presume you selected the correct network SSID, and not your neighbour's router by mistake?

    Which country are you in? The USA allows fewer WiFi channels than most other countries (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_WLAN_channels#Most_countries)) and I am wondering whether the ESP is pre-configured to only support the channels allowed in the USA. In which case, if you are not in the USA and your router is using a channel outside that range, that might be the problem.

  • I have a Linux box sitting between my wired network and the wireless AP I was trying to connect to. In this case I was too quick to assume I was doing something wrong/stupid with the ESP setup process - when in fact the problem was a huge mess of netfilter policies I had implemented via a large iptables configuration script which got ugly over the years. I didn't even bother to track down what was causing me grief…. I deleted the entire mess I had in the config script and rewrote it as a very simple setup and cleaned up another mess in my DHCP server configuration and was able to connect and get the intended reserved address assignment on the first try after that 🙂 (after I ascertained what MAC address it was using).

    Next step will be to eliminate those possible points of failure which are no longer needed and simplify it all down to a single wifi router - and get back to printing!

    BTW - Really liking how quiet the 1/16 stepping with interpolation is! And looking forward to future firmware you mentioned elsewhere which has dynamic optimization.

  • Hi David

    Is there any possibility of having the DuetWiFi remember multiple AP passwords?

    I mostly expect to use it on 2 AP's regularly, it would be nice if I didn't have to re-enter the AP password every time.


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    Yes that is on the list to do.

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