Dude about finish time…

  • Hi,

    i have started a long…. very long print.

    Its the body of Curiosity Rover... in Nasa Webpage....

    i d'like know, when the printer finish, aprox. But i am nor sure when.

    What time its the correct?

    in this moment,DWI, say 20% completed, in aprox 3h.

    P.D.: Forum loads VERYYYYY slow this evening???

  • administrators

    The filament usage figure is typically the most accurate.

    Before I start a long print, I use the simulation option (in Duet Web Control and in the current beta Panel Due firmware) to get an accurate print time.

  • hi,

    i have try to simulate a print piece…. where is the time supposed print time? I can't see

    I can read print duration 2:36, but this is the time to make simulation

  • administrators

    The print time is reported in the GCode Console, and logged to SD card if you have logging enabled.

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