DuetWifi for MPCNC

  • is there a way to set the firmware to take CNC .gcode as apposed to 3D printer .gcode? I am looking to build a MPCNC and after adding a DuetWiFi to my D-Bot (Which made it 100x better) I wanted to do the came with the MPCNC.

    Is this something the DuetWiFi can do? Do I need a special Firmware?

    Thanks for the great work guys =D

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    RepRapFirmware already has some CNC support, in particular spindle control (M3 and M5) and in the latest 1.21 release candidate firmware also workspace coordinates (G10 L2 and G53 to G59.3). Are there any other particular G- or M-codes you need support for?

  • Full disclosure I am still looking, and in the planning stages of the project and getting parts lists together. I would like to use another DuetWiFi but need to make sure I can before I go full swing into another one. Does the DuetWiFi firmware Mirror the RepRapFirmware?

    Thanks for the help.

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    The Duets (Wifi/Ethernet) are the electronics hardware. RepRapFirmware is the firmware that runs on them.

  • Can the Duets run any version of RepRapFirmware or is it a Custom flavor just for the Duet hardware?

  • Sharpie:
    Duet boards run this specific RepRapFirmware: https://github.com/dc42/RepRapFirmware

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