Converting Duet Ethernet to use wifi with an adapter?

  • I have a Duet Wifi. But sometimes my home router messes up so I cannot use DWC. Or is there some way to use DWC through USB?

    If I purchased the Duet Ethernet, I would be able to use DWC when connected from my laptop to the Duet Ethernet, right? I assume this is much more reliable than WiFi. I would have to get an ethernet adapter for my macbook.

    Assuming that is true, then would it be possible for me to add a Universal Wireless Adapter to transform the Duet Ethernet into a Duet Wifi? My only reason to do this is because doing it through wifi is very convenient, but when my wifi router stops working, I can resort to directly connecting the Duet Ethernet to my laptop. Would this even be possible?

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    Yes it's possible to direct wire from your laptop Ethernet port to a duet Ethernet. As far as the WiFi adapter is concerned a WiFi to Ethernet bridge would do the job.

  • unifi mesh wifi - very good wifi AP and its usable as wifi-ethernet bridge


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