Using anti-slip car mats/pads for bed fixing

  • Hi,

    i have been used to fix my print bed (which is removable) on my heated bed with clamps. My bed is not small, but from time to time i managed it that the print head "wiped" away some clamps with unwanted side effects. This is because these clamps are a little bit above z=0.

    I have replaced the clamps by simple "anti-slip mat for car" pieces. You can get them for very small money at e.g. aliexpress.
    That means between the print bed and heated bed, i put 5 (4 corners + middle) small pieces of these anti-slip mats. They glue like hell but the bed is still removable.

    The only disadvantage i have encountered so far is, that there are about 3 mm thick and by that, there is a gap between heated bed and print bed. This doesn't increase the energy efficiency but for me, it doesn´t matter. My mats/pads are specified up to 100 °C, i used them up to 70 °C without problems.

    The big benefit is that the removable print bed sticks like hell (absolutely no x/y movement possible) and nothing is on top of it and these pads cost really nothing on e.g. aliexpress.

  • That sounds like a good idea. So the bed sort of melts the mat and sticks to it. I intend to have a bed with a silicone heater under it how would that work do you think? Having a firm bed without clamps would suit my latest machine quite well.

  • i don´t know how this stuff works, but it sticks to everything (without heat) and can be removed again. It is some fancy silicone, not a real glue. You can e.g. stick a smartphone vertically to a pad without any problem "forever". It sticks very well, so i would not use too large pads, otherwise, it could be hard to remove the bed. I cut one piece into 5 smaller ones… I don´t know if i really need the one in the middle.

    I use a 4mm PC-plate as a removable bed. The 5 pieces of this anti-stick stuff have all the same height. So the PC-plate is in level with the heated bed. I don´t know your setup, but the silicone heater could probably fit in the gap, made by the pads, between your "z-reference bed" and the removable bed.

    I did use the following ones:

  • I wonder how Gorilla double sided tape would perform it feels like a silicon type substance but is only around 0.5-1 mm think

    Wilkos sell it in the uk as well as B&Q I think

  • I bought this but never used it. It seems to hold the glass very well to the bed. But again I just test fitted and didn’t print with it.

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