OLED Display support (SSD1306 based)

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    Since the Duet is equipped with an awesome web controlling interface, most of the printer controlling tasks can now be performed without an actual control panel IN the printer. This trend is confirmed with emerging printers, i.e. the SeeMeCNC Artemis, which has no actual LCD or control panel.

    On the other hand, I think most of us would welcome at least a "brief" overview on whats going on with the printer at a given moment - actual temps, print percentage, OK state/error state.

    OLED displays have become extremely available in many different sizes at very low price. I can imagine even a small display might be of interest for displaying basic values.

    There is a wide range of possibilities - one OLED with just 2-3 selectable datapoints or several OLEDS dedicated to a particular value each. At 2 bucks a piece, its quite compelling.

    These displays are available in I2C versions, so I was wondering how difficult it would be to add support for these in the RepRap Firmware? The SSD1306 chip, which is the base of most OLEDs is supported by a wide range of platforms, including arduino as well as some 32bit platforms.

    Any ideas? 🙂



  • +1 oled, also i´m waiting for oled Weatherstation, maybe the printer in standby can provide weather informations… 😉

  • Im sure it could display all sorts of more relevant information :))

  • You can use the same way Panel Due uses: wire your oled display on a little Arduino, and write a sketch to grab informations from the Duet through the Panel Due dedicated interface (RX/TX).

    You just need to get/decode the status in JSON format using M408 G-Code.

    Additional buttons can also be coded, to do some basic things (homing, moves, macro execution…)

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    Fma's approach would probably be the easiest.

    What is the advantage of the pledge display over a PanelDue?

  • I would look into using a STM32, they are arduino compatible and very cheap, last one I picked up for £1.65 from ebay. Alternatively an ESP8266, still cheap <£5 but also includes WIFI.

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