MGN12 Ultimaker

  • Hay guys,
    any ideas on setting up an ultimaker clone with mgn12 rails(2 for y and 2 for x axis)

    My ideas would be to keep it simple and only add the belt and motor to atleast one rail on both axis, however would this mean that one side of the rails would be loose and shake alot. or atleast how would i keep that side i.e. the side thats not attached to any motor rigid enough so that its not swinging around,

    What i don't like the idea of is that the last time i tried a corexy my y axis wasn't aligned, or i had issues with belt tightening.

    Looking out for ideas, I also hope that this is simpler than what i'm originally thinking.

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    Have you checked out neoko is twitter's feed:

    Alot of stuff about modding UMOs and UM2s with Duet, rails etc

  • that is a cool feed but its not what i'm looking for.

    is there a way of using a cupcake style gantry i.e. like in the ultimaker but have it be upgraded to MGN12 for y and x axis motion.

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