Extruder motor is VERY hot

  • Dave,
    I've been running successful prints with every build you create for the DuetWifi on my BigBox Dual. I've been able to print many successful prints.

    Currently at 1.21 Rc2. I noticed that my Extruder motor is EXTREMELY hot to the touch. like 114deg F. I've never noticed it before. But I do recall when I had the stock bigbox board (RUMBA) that each stepper driver board may need its pot tuned that would also yield a cooler stepper motor.

    Since the Duetwifi has no such adjustment, what do I do, if anything?

  • Check this out https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/Setting_motor_currents Most people do not need to run their steppers at full current, but if you do, and it runs too hot, I would explore some cooling solutions.

  • administrators

    If this is a BigBox with a Titan direct drive then I have my current set to 900mA

  • I use 20mm pancake steppers with titan extruders they do get hot, I bonded a passive aluminium heatsink onto the back, problem solved.

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