M558 - questions in regards to A parameter

  • The M558 gcode command is documented (for the duet board) here:


    The "A" parameter offers a multi-probe functionality, with it defaulting to "1" (single tap.) If A is >1, it's the "maximum number of times to probe…" Being a maximum, it implies that less than A probes might occur. However, nothing explains that. Does it always probe the max times? Under what circumstances would it probe less than the max times?

    The "S" parameter is documented as "tolerance when probing multiple times." However, there's no default value shown. What is the default tolerance? (It appears it's 0.03 based on the source. I've submitted an edit to the wiki to show that.)

    How do the A and S parameters influence each other?

    From the latest RC builts, I think that a probe will occur UP TO "A" times unless 'x' probes are within a specific tolerance of each other. I'm not sure what 'x' is. (2? 2 consecutive?) In builds prior to RC2, if 'x' probes weren't within the specific tolerance, the probe would be reported as a failure, but in RC2, it was changed so that the probe would just return an average? If this "average" fallback is used, is anything reported to the console log?



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