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  • Hi!

    I have a suggestion/request: could people knowing well RRF create some additional entries in the wiki to group G-Codes by features?

    For example:

    Bed leveling:

    • G29

    • G30

    • G31

    • G32

    • M374

    • M375

    • M376

    • M401

    • M402

    • M557

    • M558

    • M561


    bed leveling:






    The idea is to list all G-Code related to a specific subject. No need to develop further, just link to the global G-Codes wiki page (note that a G-Code could appear in several groups, if it is useful for these groups).

    There are more and more G-Codes, as firmware is improved (and is improved pretty fast!), and it is hard for beginners to find all commands…

    Also, in the main G-Code page, using color (yellow light background, for example) for obsolete G-Codes could be helpful.


  • Second this, definitely agree

  • administrators

    As an alternative maybe we can #tag the gcodes with #motion, #network #levelling ? that way we do not need to maintain two pages.

    Searching the #hash could be by CTRL + F #tag?

  • Moderator

    It wouldn't have to be a whole seperate page, it could just be a seperate TOC at the top.

  • administrators

    yep that too.

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