Which E3D V6 Hot-End for Smart-Effector?

  • I am now the proud owner of a DC42/Tony Smart-Effector. But to my surprise, it arrived with little or no information regarding the hot-end the heat-sink is designed to work with? Be gentle, I'm a newbie to this subject, ok?

    So here's the deal, I found a vendor who is offering an authentic E3D v6 Hot-End, in three flavors,

    1. Direct
    2. Bowden
    3. Universal

    So, which version works with the 'custom' E3D heatsink provided with the Smart-Effector? Why? What is the difference between those models?

    My printer began life as an AnyPubic "Kossel Linear Plus" (has the linear rails), but now all the parts with the exception of the stepper motors and the linear rails and the 2020 profiles have been replaced.

    Thanks in advance


  • All 1.75mm v6 hotends are universal, meaning the same heatsink is used for direct or bowden. So that vendor has things listed oddly.

    At any rate, any v6 hotend parts that are 1.75mm compatible will be suitable. If you want to buy one from us (Filastruder) and don't need the standard heatsink, write a note in the order notes that you don't need the standard heatsink and we'll knock $15 off the hotend price.

  • @3mm I was kind of at a loss too when I purchased my Smart Effector. Never owned a single E3D product. What I purchased that worked for me (from Filastruder) was:

    Cartridge Style Upgrade/Parts that includes the Block, Thermistor and sock.
    E3D heat-break v6 1.75mm version.

    I can't remember if I bought the heater cartridge at the time or not, but I think I just reused my old one. I was at the point of switching from 12V to 24V too.

    I already owned some nozzles that I knew would fit, but if you don't think you do, it might be another thing you need to add.