Nozzle dragging over print

  • Hey all,

    So since I’ve been using Duet I cannot seem to get rid of the nozzle dragging across the layer it’s printing, it causes some stringing and I can hear the drag when the hotend is traveling.

    Any ideas on what I should be changing?

    Z steps are basically perfect, +100mm is within .07-.10mm. My first layer also lays down great

    Cura has the correct filament diameter also. My extruder is also calibrated to within.07-.10mm

    Heres a picture of my top layer, this is happening starting from like layer 4 and gets to this point. Don’t mind the blob, messed up on my end code in cura, nozzle dropped into the print haha


    ![alt text](0_1524297409228_1DF899F1-17DC-497E-8650-016F1CAC645F.jpeg image url)

  • Make sure that the Cura combing setting is set to "No Skin". If you don't do that, it will allow travel moves to cross skin areas without retraction or z-hop. Can you please post your gcode so I can see if there's anything odd about it?

  • Hey Burtoogle,

    Thanks for chiming in, I wasn't using combing but just turned it on.

    Are you wanting the actual file, or the whole gcode?

    Also printing another one now with a extrusion multiplier of 90, looks better. also scaled the overall size from 20x20x5 to 30x30x5

  • Heres what this one looks like at 90% extrusion multiplier 0_1524300713481_7BF99C00-0101-4D37-803C-E466EDDBA2B7.jpeg

  • Sorry, what I meant was, don't use combing set to "All", either turn combing off or set it to "No Skin".

  • @burtoogle

    I set it to skin when i had it on. Now i turned it back off, and now for some reason every line it puts down its doing a retract. like every line other than outer walls

  • Just loaded a older Gcode file i had, no issues with that one. i must have did something wrong here.

  • @burtoogle said in Nozzle dragging over print:

    If you don't do that, it will allow travel moves to cross skin areas without retraction or z-hop

    I think that is a part of the puzzle I've been looking for ? , Cura don`t make it simple for you does it ?, I've been looking for some sort of lift while traveling command.

  • So just an update. for some reason cura was giving me really crap prints. I downloaded Slic3r and configured it, and man my first print from it was pretty flawless. Seems like Slic3r slices better than Cura. The one thing I hated about cura was that it would travel to the next layer then lift z to start printing, Slic3r does the opposite and lifts head then moves.

    Yeah I could use Z hop on Cura, but that always gave me a poorer print.

    Will post a picture of the difference0_1524604892005_1E4FE3B0-6284-457A-96C5-C61D36EDAA57.jpeg 1_1524604892006_8829D302-24E2-4643-BB1F-4A9BE5A990C4.jpeg

    Far right is a Slic3r print, the two on left are from Cura, all pictures printed with .2 layer height.


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