OT: Printing delta frame corners with carbon fiber filament

  • Not sure where to post this, but here goes anyway.

    While I'm aware of the Robotdigg (and variants) aluminum (aluminium) delta frame corners, at $70 a set I have to think twice about them. For a frame similar in size to dc42's large Kossel, or the Ultibot D300VS, would printing the corner pieces in something like carbon fiber PETG be suitable? I see in the USA, Atomic Filament and 3DXTech both sell such filament, and I'm sure others do to. 3DXTech also sells a less expensive glass fiber PETG, though it's less rigid than the CF variant.

    Per 3DXTech's website, their PETG-CF is the stiffest filament they sell. I'm not interested in any PLA-CF or ABS-CF filament, as the PETG beats them both in a variety of measurements.

    Any comments? Thanks!

  • I have used 3DXTech CFPET-G for about a year now and it does work great. Makes extremely stiff parts when printed with it. Recently I have switched to Snolabs.com CF PET-G and so far it appears to be as good as the 3DXTech stuff. The price is a little better. They don't sell it in the larger rolls (4kg) but that won't matter to most users. Snolabs sells it for $49.99 as opposed to 3DXTech which sells for $58.00. Snolabs has free shipping too.

    Anyway if you need any help with settings to run either one let me know.

  • I've been using the Atomic Carbon Fiber PETG in a CoreXY for all motion components and love it.

    • It's "seems" to dissipate heat a bit better... (subjective). I recently completed a 10.5 hour print with steppers bolted right to the parts and they are running near 80% current and are quite warm. I'm not detecting an heat creep. The surface of the part is warm at the stepper, but it quickly dissipates and does not heat soak the part.
    • It's electrically conductive.
    • It's much stiffer without being to brittle.
    • Very little issue with stringing
    • Very little issue with warping (Printing on PEI at 50-55C)

    When comparing prices, Atomic Carbon filament is a full 1kg spool at less cost than a 3/4kg spool.

  • Lets put this into some form of perspective shall we
    CF-PETG is expensive
    is abrasive so will wear your nozzle
    what about your time printing the parts?
    Will you be able to achieve the same accuracy as extruded aluminium corners.

    I know which I would go for and it would be the Robotdigg ones having use I think 5 sets of them now and advised others the same and never have any of us had any issues with the frames being true as long as the extrusions have been cut accurately.

    just my 2cents worth

  • Thanks for the information and feedback, everyone. This is still a conceptual project, with pros & cons not listed here. Glad to hear the material is likely up to the task.

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