Reed Switch Integration

  • Does anyone have experience connecting a reed switch to the end stop connections?

  • connecting it should not be a problem. Reeds are simple switches...but..will they have always a correct trigger point?
    saw already so many threads in printer forums about optical..mechanical..hall endstops and in the end most user get back to the good old switches because they are not affected by the earth magnetic bright the sun shines..they simply works..

  • Thanks for the response Barracuda72. I'm using the reed switch not for the standard endstop use. For that we are using simple mechanical switches.

    Our application requires a unique component that uses a reed switch to sense when the component is in the retracted or extended state. I connected the reed switch just with the positive and negative leads to the Z-endstop. The Duet Z-Endstop LED shows the correct status of the reed switch, but when I call M119 I am not getting the correct state returned from the Duet.

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    M119 won't show the status of the endstop input if you have used M574 to say you are using stall detection or a Z probe instead of a Z endstop switch.

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