Homing doesn't take the carriages all the way home.

  • So, I have an Anycubic Kossel linear plus that i've decided to move over to duet electronics along with metal vertices and carriages. I have everything connected and i'm in the calibration stages. When first homing, all carriages move up to the endstops, but when i move down to check z height, homing from the bed doesn't take the carriages all the way, they stop short about 10mm and DWC reports an error "Insufficient Axis Homed". This problem only shows up when I've moved the carriages off the endstops by a significant amount (200mm or more). I havent gotten around to doing any other calibration since i cant figure out why it does what it does. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks

    Also, what fan is the fan button in DWC supposed to operate? I have my hotend fan connected to an always on port and my part cooling fan connected to a pwm port. The button in DWC does nothing for either of them.

  • Please post your config.g (and config_override.g, if it exists)

    Please post your homedelta.g

  • Found the problem Danal, in my homedelta.g, thanks to info found in a post by you and DC42. I had to adjust the XY&Z to more than 265, adjusted it to 300 and homing works properly.

    ; homedelta.g
    ; called to home all towers on a delta printer
    ; generated by RepRapFirmware Configuration Tool on Thu May 31 2018 21:12:11 GMT-0300 (Atlantic Daylight Time)
    G91 ; relative positioning
    ;*** Slow homing has been configured. Change F180 to F1800 below when your configuration is working
    G1 S1 X265 Y265 Z265 F1800 ; move all towers to the high end stopping at the endstops (first pass)
    G1 X-5 Y-5 Z-5 F1800 S2 ; go down a few mm
    ;*** Slow homing has been configured. Change F180 to F360 below when your configuration is working
    G1 S1 X10 Y10 Z10 F360 ; move all towers up once more (second pass)
    G1 Z-5 F6000 ; move down a few mm so that the nozzle can be centred
    G90 ; absolute positioning
    G1 X0 Y0 F6000 ; move X+Y to the centre

    Now on to sorting out auto calibration!

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    This is also item #5 in the FAQ at https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/FAQ. Sadly the current organisation of the wiki doesn't encourage people to read the FAQ.

  • Yes dc42, the organization of the wiki isn't great. a couple days ago I had tumbled across some calibration info while searching for wiring info. When it was time for calibration, it took me almost half an hour to find my way back to that info. 🤦 But thank you for pointing me to the FAQ, looks like the info is there for questions i had about the fans. Thanks

  • I have another question about homing.
    When i have the effector on the outskirts of the build plate (for probing) and i home from there, the lowest carriage doesnt make it to its endstop. depending on where the effector is, 2 of them wont make their endstops. I've increased the xyz in homedelta.g to 350mm and that has helped but there is still the occasional time (depending on position) where one of the carriages doesnt make it. Should increase those numbers even more? Is there anything detrimental to having them very high, say 500mm when my build height is 280?

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    @juice there is no issue with having them higher than the length of your towers because they will stop when the endstop is triggered. I have mine just a bit higher than the longest possible move (as you describe with the effector in a corner) that way they will reach the top from any position but if an endstop was to fail, the axis would only keep driving for a bit longer.

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