Using regular threaded pushfit possible?

  • Hi,

    My recent problem is, that the ptfe bowden slips out of the build-in pushfit of the smart effector. I dont know where to get the black inserts so i thought about remove the insert and drill and tap it so a normal m6 pushfit can be used.
    Anyone had similar problems? even a new bowden tupe slips out after short time.

  • you can get the collet clips from E3D or any of there re-sellers should also be able to supply them

    tube clips

  • @barracuda72
    yes, that is why I am using aftermarket radiator on original heatbreak, block and nozzles
    I think screw in pushfits are better

  • administrators

    I have never had any problems with the E3D pushfit collets. Whereas I have had one of the metal teeth of a screw-in pushfit fitting break off and wreck the hot end.

    Perhaps the OD of your Bowden tube is under-sized? You might want to buy some new collects and some Capricorn tubing from E3D.

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