Backing up the complete system

  • Hi all,

    Currently there is no way to make a backup of the complete system, right?
    The only way I can see to do it, is take the sd card out and make an img of that. omg! 🙂

    My problem is, that I cannot get to the sd card. The board is buried deep in the system and … OK, I will open it up, flip it upside down and extract the sd card. I was so hoping to print more of my Spitfire today.

  • Lykle

    You can download all of the important files via the DWC?

  • administrators

    You can download the contents of the sys, macro and gcode directories from the web interface however it is one file at a time.

    Good feature request for DWC is to have a download the sys and macro directories as a zip option .

  • The way I do it is to keep and maintain the complete system on my PC backed up to a NAS as well as cloud storage. Files are only ever transferred from the PC to the sd card, not the other way round. Given the number of posts I've read from people who have lost or damaged or had failures of their sd cards, it seems like a good plan to me.

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