z endstop

  • Hi,
    ive got a z endstop for homing and the bltouch for probing.

    How would i go about not deploying the touch during homing sequence.

    z endstop for accurate g92=0
    and touch for bed levelling

    can i also have an example

    please help

    kind regards

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    @npm1 you should be able to setup homez.g (and the z part of homeall.g to work with the endstop in the same way as evey other axis. One you have the printer working with the endstops properly then you can setup the Z probe and use it only for mesh bed compensation / levelling

  • Hi,
    So the endstop works to determine G92 z0;

    However, the G29 command isn't respected during the print, i.e. the printer head is still dragging along the bed.

    Can someone explain to me the z trigger height and how it applies to the proximity sensor, i seem to be treating it as if its a z offset used for the g29 command.

    Should I make the g92 command a negative figure so that the nozzle starts up higher on the bed.

    Please help.

    So ideally the probe is for G29, whilst the endstop is used to determine a consistent g92.

  • It would help to see how you have your config.g and homing files setup.

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