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  • I am just setting up a new delta and was using the RepRap Configuration tool. I came across a term I do not understand. It is called printable radius and has a max setting of 85 in the program. My printer has a print diameter of 330mm and I would think my print radius would be half of that or 165mm. Where am I going wrong?

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    @craig the printable radius is the radius of the print bed that you want to keep the effector inside:

    The default is 85 and it wont go higher than your diagonal rod length.

  • Thanks for the timely advice.

  • Two things:

    1. Printable radius is essentially the size of your bed. You MAY need to reduce this a few mm if there is anything that would prevent the tip of the nozzle reaching certain points, such as the edges of the effector, or a cooling fan, or similar, hitting belts or a tower.

    2. Keep in mind that the online generator is a "help get started" aid and it is NOT the be-all end-all for every possible configuration or setting. For example, it won't allow printable radius over 260. I have a printer with a printable radius of 304. Set this directly in the M665. Here is mine, for my large-ish delta:

    M665 L720.280 R329.188 H626.825 B304.0 X-0.454 Y-0.014 Z0.000


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