Print Quality help

  • Hey guys, I just switched to the Duet Wifi on my A8 and so far I love the new hardware, everything is working very nicely.

    Now I have a small print quality problem I need your help with, I'm using Cura 3.3.1 with relative extrusion enabled and printing in PLA at 200/60º, layer height .22 with a genuine E3d V6 in bowden setup with a 0.4 nozzle, retraction at 2.7/70.

    As you can see the large outer portions of the boat are fairly good, it's the smaller higher up portions that look under extruded or possible affected by retraction.

    Anyone have any ideas?


  • I would try boosting the extrusion temp by 5-10c and see if anything improves.

    I am assuming you didn't notice any lost steps during un-retraction, one thought could be slow down the retract speed just in case.

  • Print speed?

  • To speed up testing you can drop the model below the print surface in the slicer so you don't have to print the whole hull. The top section is pretty tricky. Lots of retractions and short printing moves. Minimum layer time can help, but it may require a lower time per layer value that you'd expect because of the travel moves. The amount of time spent printing is a fairly low portion of the layer time. The feed rate view in Cura would be a good indicator.


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