I am sorry! - D3D/RRF now working

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    Why didn't you try reducing the temperature?

  • @dc42

    I have tried ranges from 190-210 and it does not extrude much lower

    I also now tried 1/32 stepping on XY as that is what I have on the Ramps but it was the same result. I will try one slower

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    It really does look to me like a problem of extruding at too high a temperature without cooling. Have you checked how low you can set the temperature and still extrude when using the Duet? Bear in mind that the Duet may be displaying higher temperatures than your RAMPS did for a given actual temperature, because you are using a different thermistor configuration.

  • @dc42 said in I am sorry! - D3D/RRF now working:

    It really does look to me like a problem of extruding at too high a temperature without cooling.

    +1 Looks like the temp is too hot. Have you tried running a temp tower with your duet setup?

  • @timcurtis67

    No temp tower - I just try to replicate what I do with the ramps controller

    I just now check minimum extrusion temp - 190 is ok, 185 it skips

  • @pro3d Current high enough on extruder stepper?

  • @timcurtis67

    It should be yes - It is not the motor that skips but the filament starts grinding

  • A couple things:

    At what speed/acceleration are these printed? A single 20 mm cube is too small to print by itself at reasonable speed/acceleration without a print cooler because the nozzle keeps putting down fresh plastic on still-hot plastic from the previous layer. Try printing two or three cubes, separated by a few cm in one go.

    Cura defaults to 2.85 mm filament diameter and will grossly under extrude if you don't change the setting in the custom printer set-up (machine settings, extruder tab). The same value also shows up as the default diameter in the material section, even if you select a "generic" material, and can't be changed unless you set up a custom material. When you set up custom material, be sure to check the bed and extruder temperatures.

  • @mrehorstdmd

    Thanks for helping out - I am lost

    I am printing them exactly same settings as on the ramps - same filament everything. The extrusion is taken care of now as it was wrong at first in Cura 341 - but not my later samples

    I am running 2000/20 in acc/jerk and 50mms with 10s minimum layer time to ensure cooling between nozzle touch

    Why does the ramps controller handle it and not the duet? Let me try printing 2 cubes to see if it helps

    Here are some samples with different settings: I understand the XY not being all that great with no fan but the corners should be same as on ramps no?


  • @pro3d do a temp tower. As said before the same temps from ramps and Duet can by different in real world.

  • It does appear to be the temp yes. Printing two at the time did improve - these at 1/32 I0

    Now the corners are fine

    I have some retraction calibration to do - thanks again and sorry for being a pain in the world cup

  • So here is the cube with a layer fan at 60mms

    It is very good so I just need to figure out what caused the skip. The bed is almost floating so might be that or due to motor skip. Not sure. I did tighten my belts


    Here is one at 50mms


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